Euromonitor Shares Prevailing Body Concerns of Women, Men

Sharing more information from its “Personal Appearances Survey 2014,” Euromonitor International developed a graphic focused on the different body issues men and women focus on, and the differences in those concerns between the genders.

In “Gender Comparison of Key Body Issues,” Euromonitor shares stats that include that, for the body part they are most concerned about, weight tops out for both men and women, but for women far more. Teeth, nose and height are the next highest-ranking concerns, and height is the highest-ranked concern that more men spoke up on than women.

The graphic also looked at those who wouldn’t change anything about themselves, finding men aged 60+ to be ranked most confident. Generally, women found much more fault with their bodies. While one-quarter of men said they wouldn’t change anything about their bodies, only 10% of women said the same.

Find more graphic representations of this information on the comparison of key body issues among men and women here.

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