Hand Sanitizer Sales Lift South Korea’s Cosmetics Industry


With the global pandemic of COVID-19, hand sanitizers and other hygiene products are predicted to help South Korea’s cosmetics industry make a comeback.

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As reported by the news source Koreabizwire, sales of hand sanitizers and facial tissues developed by the South Korean company Aekyung Industrial Co. surged in January 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the company raised production quotas, it reportedly is still struggling to meet demand.

AmorePacific Corp. announced plans to enter the hand sanitizer market as early April or before the third quarter of this year, the news source reported. Furthermore, hand sanitizers from the cosmetics firm Nature Republic Co. apparently grew by 42-fold in the first week of March.

Cosmetics maker Cosmax Co. expects a 3,000% increase in hand sanitizer sales in the first two quarters of 2020. And finally, Kolmar Korea Co. raised its hand sanitizer production to maximum quotas following a spike in demand, citing keen interest from the market in health and hygiene.

For more information, see The Korea Bizwire.

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