The Top Indie Brands in France


Social media and beauty influencers have opened the door for indie brands to leave their fresh and innovative mark alongside the legacy of French heritage brands in the beauty industry. 

Wearisma and CEW France have partnered to produce the first in-depth study on the state of French beauty influencer marketing. 

The study, which can be downloaded here, highlights the top-mentioned indie brands in Q4 2018 by French influencers. 

  1. Glossier
  2. Juvia’s Place
  3. Zoeva Cosmetics
  4. P.Louise Cosmetics Brand
  5. By Terry
  6. Linda Hallberg Cosmetics
  7. You Are Cosmetics
  8. Pixi Beauty
  9. Black Up
  10. Sugarpill
  11. Djulicious Cosmetics
  12. Nabla Cosmetics
  13. Colour Pop
  14. The Balm
  15. Nude by Nature
  16. Olaplex
  17. Gisou
  18. Bali Body
  19. Sananas Beauty
  20. Garancia

According to the report, indie beauty brands are expanding at a rapid pace, with reports indicating that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up more than 80% of all cosmetic manufacturers in France.

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