Brazilians and Butt Lifting Expected to Surge After Summer Olympics


Many Brazilian beauty trends such as the Brazilian blowout and Brazilian wax have become popular in the United States; however, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are expected to send more of these trends state-side. Following are a few of the trends expected to become big in the U.S. market after the event, according to an article on The Global News website in Canada.

1. Balayage

Brazilian women generally have thick, golden brown hair that can be achieved by others with some coloring. Balayage involves painting the dye on the hair for a natural shift from dark to light.

2. Brazilian Waxes

Most women know or have experienced a Brazilian wax, and it has become a popular spa service throughout the years. This complete intimate waxing is expected to surge in popularity after the Olympics.

3. Turbinada Contouring

This non-invasive way of removing cellulite has become more popular in Brazil, and it’s starting to appear in America. The treatment involves a turbinada massage that uses rollers to tone and reshape. Some treatments also include a microcurrent that can help convert fat cells into liquid that the body disposes of naturally.

4. Sun-damage Correction

Sun damage isn’t something that is unique to Brazil, but treatments to fix this damage are gaining popularity.

5. Butt-lifting

The Brazilian Butt-Lift is a procedure that takes out fat from an undesirable place and then placing it on the rear. Patients map out whether they want size changes or lifts, and the fat is moved depending on the clients wants. 

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