FGI Connects with Health and Beauty

Fashion Group International welcomed Howard Sobel, dermatologic surgeon and founder of DDF Cosmetics, and the editors of Women’s Health to discuss “Living to 100” at FGI headquarters in New York City. Tina Johnson, editor in chief, Women’s Health, moderated the panel. The topics ranged from the best age-defying workouts (push ups, pull ups, crunches and jumping squats) to scientific breakthroughs for skin care—which, according to Sobel, requires being proactive in your skin care regimens and keeping posted on the latest delivery systems. These systems utilize polymers, small-particle technology, timed release and active ingredient delivery via nanospehere vehicles.

Sobel stated that growth factor formulations would become more popular. “Growth factors have different functions, and as you pass the age of 35, you have no more growth factors; so you’re going to see a lot of growth factor creams from now on.” Sobel also noted that help is available for sun-damaged skin in the form of peels that work to brighten the skin and get rid of sun damage—though they do not minimize skin cancers. Ultimately, the discussion emphasized the importance of exercise and a well-rounded diet that provides beneficial vitamins. “There aren’t a lot of studies that show vitamins and antioxidants have a direct effect on the skin when taken in pill form,” said Sobel. “So, it’s most important to eat your fruits and vegetables. The indicators are that food is the better source of vitamins than pills.”
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