Clairol Blends Tastes and Tones

On November 15, Clairol welcomed editors to New York City’s 24th Street Loft to sample a mix of culinary specialties and tuneful tones, presented by DJ/chef Mark Weiss, and complement the new Clairol Color-Blend technology introduced that evening. Clairol’s director of communications, Brent Miller, welcomed attendees, and proceeded to relate the culinary concept of utilizing simple ingredients to create an incredible culinary experience. Bringing blend into the hair color category to achieve natural looking, dimensional color is the object of the new Nice ’n Easy with Color-blend technology line. “Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy has been driving the category with its innovation,” said Charlene Sawyers, marketing director, Clairol. “The category grew 2% in terms of dollars, with Root Touch Up exceeding expectations and Gray Solution and Natural Instincts Shine Happy bringing additional growth to the category.” She also announced that Natural Instincts is being completely restaged and Herbal Essence will be unified as a brand.

“Women are seeking natural looking color, and these shades are outpacing bolds,” said Sawyers. “For the first time in five years, brown shades are outpacing blondes.” The new product offering from Clairol addresses this trend. Sawyers noted that a diversified marketplace and brand growth driven by the Hispanic population have caused shift. Stylist Brad Johns was on hand to reiterate the importance of blended colors to avoid a “single shade, wig-like appearance that doesn’t look like natural hair.” “Consistent result is what I go after,” said Johns. “I want people to look beautiful, dimensional and natural.” The pendulum has swung away from single bold shades and the appearance of stripes of color, and has shifted to multi-colored tones with subtle blendability.

With a blend of three tones, the product offers the same formulation technique salon professionals use—with single step, at-home color. According to P&G scientist Lesley Bride, who presented at the event, “Three-dimensional color technology utilized in the product forms a blend of different colored pigments that are long lasting and inactivates traces of metal ions in the hair. The color blend neutralizes the ions, for less color fading and less color change.”
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