Eco, Innovation, Luxury, Packaging Insights Set for 2011 Luxe Pack Monaco

The 24th edition of Luxe Pack Monaco, set to be held Oct. 19–21, 2011 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, promises a range of opportunities not to just discover new creative packaging displays and materials, but also the chance to learn about the industry trends leaving ripple effects throughout the marketplace. The event, designed for luxury brand decision-makers seeking packaging solutions and materials and that expects more than 6,000 attendees this year, also offers the opportunity for inspiration. The more than 340 exhibitors offer supplies and know-how in the packaging avenues of glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, pumps, ribbons, boxes, samples, labels, decorating techniques, finishing, designing and more.

The three-day show will be punctuated with conferences and debates lead by industry experts on current trends, such as design, luxury codes, sustainability, luxury Chinese development and more. Included in this will be the Revealing Trends 2011 roundtable. Led by a Luxe Pack-selected expert panel, the roundtable will run through packaging design trends as illustrated by examples of new products. Changes in society will be identified, alongside the application of changes in customer expectations. These insights will combine to form a tool for decision-makers in luxury brands when they decide on future developments, and these findings will be presented in displays throughout the show.

Another of the show’s seminars will focus on eco design—Sustainable Trend, Desirable Development. It seeks to answer questions about how to address evolving consumer desires, the development of synergies between luxury and sustainability, differentiation in products with clean finishing technology, and setting up responsible management strategies and what to do in the face of team resistance. During this presentation proposed by the Plastic Eco Design Center, renowned experts will deliver their work and knowledge on these topics, explaining how to apply environmental trends and visions to address a business’ sustainable development needs.

The show will also feature an Innovation Forum, which offers showcases and workshops that present exhibitors’ innovations and launches. This will allow participants to get a global view of some of the industry’s latest packaging developments.

Many of these innovations may also factor in the Luxe Pack in Green section, as well as contend for the 2011 Luxe Pack in Green Award. As environmental issues are now at the heart of luxury brand concerns, this section of the show will display new products or applications that are compliant with environmental standards. This exhibition shows how committed the exhibitors participating in the event are in terms of developing sustainable solutions. And being bestowed for the second time, the Luxe Pack in Green Award will be given to the best innovative solution presented by an exhibitor.

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