5 Brand & Business Building Strategies for Beauty


Few companies fail to grow or expand because they lack a good vision; they fail because they do not execute their vision and achieve concrete business results.

In 2017, 30 million U.S. companies filed business tax returns. Of those, 96% had fewer than 10 employees and under $1 million in revenue. Furthermore, eight out of 10 new businesses started each year fail within 24 months. Startups, small business entrepreneurs and executives have a solid vision for their company but aren't seeing the growth in revenue they had envisioned.

Every company will hit walls as it works to grow. They can’t be avoided. The key is to get over them as painlessly as possible: articulate a vision, build the values needed to deliver it, get everyone on the same page, and execute like crazy and jump right over those walls.

During Beauty Accelerate, Alisa Marie Beyer, CEO of LemonTree Partners, will host the roundtable session, "5 Brand & Business Building Strategies for Beauty." Participants will discuss with Beyer the strategic cascade of five key points used to grow companies as well as hundreds of her client’s companies.

5 Brand & Business Building Strategies for Beauty

1. What exactly is your ambition?
2. Where will you play?
3. How will you win?
4. What skills or capabilities do you need?
5. What do you need operationally to deliver brilliant results?

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