2012 Trend Forecast

“Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we learn about the world, shop for and buy products, connect with the people in our lives, and share our personal stories,” stated Adam Lavelle , chief strategic officer, i-Crossing.

And its this fundamental change that informs Topline’s thematic view of trends to watch for 2012: Wired for Beauty. It focuses on how new technologies have influenced the beauty industry to target the savvy, high tech consumer who is forward thinking and in touch with the latest trends.

There is a yearning for real contact, for recognition, attention and the feeling of being connected. Social media, communities and groups satisfy this need. We all spend more time than ever before working on “me” branding, creating profiles which make us feel a part of something, make us feel connected.

Key Trend Drivers

Desire to Disconnect Yet Be Connected

A strong desire to disconnect from reality. To create a fantasy world with extraordinary things, and the desire to create the perfect self image to remain connected to the important people in life.

  • The need to create originality and uniqueness.
  • The renewed pleasure in creating unique customized products.
  • Inventing and re-inventing.
  • Free spirited creativity

Living in a multi-dimensional reality.

Technological advances have lead to the fact that we are living in a multi-dimensional world where two dimensions are no longer the norm.

Smart Beauty

Beauty school redefined for today’s self educated, technically savvy consumer.


  • The desire for knowledge and to become self-taught experts.
  • 24/7 world where people are always on the go.
  • The need to find customized solutions that recognize our unique differences.
  • Light, iridescence and transparency.

Fashion Interpretation

  • Suits that power an iPod.
  • Dresses programmed to self adjust and fit perfectly.
  • Color change fabrics
  • LED clothing.

Beauty Interpretation

  • Intuitive/self adapting formulations.
  • Educational make-up kits.
  • Performance enhanced packaging and specially designed applicators that improve application performance.

Digital Divas

A new language of digital graphics and pluri-dimensional imagery made possible by today's latest technologies


A celebration of the visual senses.

  • Macroscopic shapes.
  • Digital flora.
  • Pixilated patterns.
  • 3D reliefs and surfaces.
  • Fantastic and artificial visions.

Fashion Interpretation

  • A strong print story.
  • Graphic patterns.
  • Digital shading.
  • Spots and shading.
  • 3D shapes and patterns.

Beauty Interpretation

  • 3D patterns on creams and powders.
  • Graphically printed components and packaging.
  • Pixilated pressing designs with subliminal messages.

Technologically Beautiful

High tech formulations and gadgets that make it easier to look beautiful.


  • Nature under a microscope
  • Botanical engineering
  • Scientific & virtual elaboration of nature
  • DNA
  • Gadgets and high tech.

Fashion Interpretation

  • Organic textile accessories.
  • Botanic transfers.
  • Macroscopic structures and networks of sequins.

Beauty Interpretation

  • High performance formula stories.
  • Botanical & high tech actives.
  • DNA swirls and patterns.
  • Packaging with scientific visual design.
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