The Beauty Company to Offer Workshop at HBA

The Beauty Company (TBC) and HBA Global Expo announced a unique partnership in which TBC’s Alisa Marie Beyer and other TBC employees will host a day-long workshop at HBA for emerging beauty entrepreneurs called “The Beauty Business Is Not for Sissies: How to be a Genius, Not a Disaster” on June 21, 2012. Taking place from 8:30 am—2 pm, this interactive workshop will share TBC’s proprietary Beauty Product Development Life Cycle, the agency’s approach for structuring, managing and delivering a successfully commercialized beauty brand, which you can also learn more about in GCI magazine's April 2012 issue's Marketing Matters column, also authored by Beyer.

“This methodology is built from the hands-on experience of the agency as well as proven industry standards,” notes TBC founding partner and CEO Beyer. “It is truly the definitive blueprint all new beauty entrepreneurs need to follow for launching a highly desirable, consumer-validated, must-have beauty brand.”

Divided up into four modules, The Beauty Is Not For Sissies Workshop will address the key areas that anyone looking to launch a new beauty brand or product needs to intimately understand and features guest speakers Jani Friedman, managing director of Demeter Group, and Nada Lantz, CEO of Lantz-A-Lot, Inc., as well as a walking tour of the HBA show floor.

Designed to appeal to anyone involved in the beauty industry, The Beauty Is Not For Sissies Workshop is for entrepreneurs, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, venture capitalists, salon/spa owners, private label manufacturers, brand managers, senior executives, strategic planners, marketers, celebrities, doctors and anyone else with their passionate spark of an idea into the next big beauty breakthrough.

“Our intention with this workshop was to really help guide and educate new beauty entrepreneurs on every step that must happen when they first set about starting a new brand or beauty company, but it will also be very useful and informative for anyone already in the industry, as well,” said Beyer. “And with the added insights of industry powerhouses Jani Friedman and Nada Lantz, everyone attending this workshop should come away with a solid foundation of knowledge that is immediately applicable to their brands and businesses, no matter what brand phase they are in.”

Two registration options are available for the workshop. Option A allows attendees of the HBA Global Expo to also participate in the workshop, including breakfast and lunch, as well as the free workbook, and costs $90. Option B, designed for non-attendees of the HBA Global Expo, is priced at $145, and includes breakfast, lunch, a 45 minute walking tour of the trade show floor and the free workbook.

For more information or to register, visit or the HBA website.

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