Carpe Diem – The Gift of a Day

The phrase carpe diem enjoyed a surge in popularity with the release of the 1989 film, Dead Poets Society. Teacher John Keating proclaimed the words to his students along with the admonition to “Make your lives extraordinary.” Back in the day, Roman lyric poet Horace interpreted it a little differently, writing “Seize the day, trust little in tomorrow.” Whether you choose the upbeat interpretation or the less optimistic, it is Julius Caesar we have to thank for the once-every-four-years opportunity of an extra day—Leap Day—which we will observe each in our own way on February 29. With our fast-paced lives, a day added to the calendar should not go unobserved.

Members of the Personal Care Products Council (formerly CTFA) will spend the day at the group’s annual meeting, Feb. 26–29 in Boca Raton, Florida. On the agenda are a variety of meetings, receptions and activities, including the annual Look Good … Feel Better Gala Dinner, raising money for the Council’s program to help enrich the lives of cancer patients by helping them regain some semblance of normalcy in their daily activities. In recognition of the great work done by the Look Good … Feel Better program, this issue includes an interview with Louanne Roark, executive director of the Personal Care Products Council Foundation. Roark expresses the Foundation’s gratitude to all participating companies and encourages continued participation. “I want the personal care products companies and professionals reading GCI magazine to know how much their support means to Look Good … Feel Better, both on a corporate and a personal level,” says Roark. “We appreciate their contributions so very much!”

I realize Feb. 29 has been printed on all the 2008 calendars, so it has no doubt already filled up with meetings and deadlines for you. But think what it could mean to have those 24 hours to yourself, to do what you need to do get back on track or clear your head for more big ideas. If you find yourself setting this issue of GCI magazine aside until you can find more time to read, it makes perfect sense to earmark Feb. 29 for that singular pleasure. It’s packed with great features, including an in-depth look at fine fragrance.
The fragrance market is already one of the largest global cosmetics and toiletries segments, and Euromonitor tells us in this issue that the $30.5 billion colossus is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2011. Read how they expect that to happen, beginning on Page 44. Getting to the heart of the matter, senior editor Jeff Falk explores the challenges of managing a fragrance brand portfolio in today’s market. Find his article on Page 48. Contributor Sara Mason brings us a look at the latest in secondary packaging for fine fragrance starting on Page 52, and don’t miss our very own Scent Sleuth, perfumer Nancy Hayden, as she explores new twists and notes on floral scents, including rose.
In 45 B.C., Julius Caesar decided that with the 255-day calendar in use at the time, important festivals were falling in different seasons from one year to the next. His astronomer, Sosigenes, calculated that to make the harvest festival fall near the harvest, for example, there should be 365 days in the year. Because one year is actually a fraction of a day longer than 365, an extra day is added to the calendar every four years to keep things even. How will you make the most of it?

Enjoy the issue. Keep in touch.

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