Gattefossé’s Lipocire Range Follows Sustainability


With Gattefossé’s Lipocire range using palm oil and palm kernel oil for its products—which create skin care and makeup formulations—the company participates in the development of sustainable cultivation.

Setting a standard for palm oil to be certified sustainable, a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was established in 2004.

For the Lipocire A SG (segregated) and Lipocire CM SG, both made 100% of sustainable palm and palm kernel oil, Gattefossé added specific sourcing procedures.

Moving forward, all Lipocire products will be 100% composed of RSPO segregated grades with a new certification and addition for Lipocire DM SG.

Ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain will be kept separated from the company’s purchased palm oil, which comes from different certified sources.

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