BASF Launches Surfactants to Conserve Resources

BASF created a broad portfolio of surfactants in various applications and products and showcased new possibilities at the European Committee of Surfactants and their Organic Intermediates’ (CESIO) 10th World Surfactant Congress and Business Convention.

Cleaning Applications

With a growing demand in detergents and cleaners, BASF focuses on the efficiency and safety of appliances.

For a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to phosphates in dishwashing tablets, BASF is presenting combinations of:

• Dehypon surfactants,

• Sokalan PA polymers and

• Trilon M.

Additionally, BASF presented a new solution for the cleaning of membranes, which are used in a range of the dairy and beverage fabrication.

Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

BASF offers an assorted collection of surfactants from certified sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil for the European home care and personal care industries.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified the palm oil and palm kernel oil used to produce ingredients for primary surfactants for cosmetic formulations or household cleaners.

“We help our customers to develop value-added formulations that meet the strongly increasing demand for certified, sustainable raw materials,” explained Jan-Peter Sander, senior vice president, Personal Care Europe of BASF, in a press statement. “Depending on their individual requirements, they can choose between two certified supply chain models to drive their own sustainable development forward.”

Personal Care Products with Eco-label

With the eco-label demand growing, BASF's Texapon Easy offers a proper solution to peoples’ needs. Blended with coco sulfates and lauryl glucosides, Texapon Easy has an active ingredient content of 60%, contains no preservatives and is well mucous membrane compatible.

The best way to manufacture personal care products in an environmentally-friendly way are with surfactant compositions such as Texapon MC120. Additionally, active ingredient content of more than 50% provides shampoo or shower gel applications with high cleaning and foaming properties.

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