How Elara Colorants Aim to Improve Lightfastness


DayGlo Color Corp. has announced the launch of cosmetic colorant Elara.

According to the company, the legal fluorescent colorant implements novel resin technology that encapsulates D&C certified fluorescent dyes and improves their color properties, lightfastness and solvent resistance.

Elara colorants are meant for a wide variety of formulations, including water-, oil- and solvent-based systems. Applicable finished products include lip gloss, lipsticks, lotions and soaps. 

DayGlo Color Corp. explained that Elara offers an improvement in lightfastness, averaging 2.5 times better than previous fluorescent colorants. The colorants utilize a polymer component that is resistant to solvents commonly employed in nail enamels and hair sprays. Reportedly, formulations can be processed at higher temperatures without adverse effects or migration of color due to the cross-linked nature of the colorants.

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