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Emcee Launches Platform for Beauty Influencer Affiliate Sales

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Emcee is designed to connect influencers and brands, providing commissions for the former and sales and new consumers for the latter.

Emcee, a new free platform for influencer-led sales, has launched. The platform allows brands to export select products to Emcee and set the percentage of sales that they will provide to influencers though affiliate sales. All sales will be recieved via brands' Shopify admin dashboards. Emcee keeps 10% of each sale.

The benefit for brands, per Emcee, are real-time sales, automated payouts, inventory pricing management, new audience exposure and customer data.

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It also allows influencers to monetize their audience around the clock and create a passive income through online storefronts, with commissions of up to 25% of sales.

Current brand partners include Protocol Skincare and Chillhouse. Onboarding for fashion brands is led by Alyssa Coscarelli (@alyssainthecity), director of partnerships.

Emcee was founded by John Aghayan, who "observed that the traditional wholesale model is broken and developed a platform where brands get to keep all customer data, make higher margins, and have a higher reach than wholesale," per the company.

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