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This Is a Story About the Peony and How We Have Unveiled Its Beauty

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Mitochondrial aging is one of the causative factors of cell aging. Mitochondria, responsible for generating the energy needed by the cell, age over time and become less effective, so cells also lose their function and start to age.

Detoskin™ is a combination of trehalose and the root fraction of peony, queen of flowers, intended to promote mitophagy and skin detoxification. If mitophagy is stimulated, the cell will slough off these dysfunctional mitochondria and be able to work at full capacity. For this reason, it is considered one of the most powerful ways to rejuvenate cells.

Detoskin™ reduced the ROS in the skin by up to 64%, increased the thickness of the epidermis and reduced DEJ flattening.

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As the outer appearance of the skin improves, the anisotropy affected by aging is reduced, the skin shows a more uniform and smooth tone with enhanced elasticity and wrinkles show an improvement. 

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