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NARS is Getting Even More Audacious

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NARS' latest collection comprises new lipstick colors and more.

NARS, one of Shiseido's leading prestige beauty powerhouses, has launched the Audacious Collection, which comprises:

Audacious Lipstick ($32)

  • Apoline, pink rose
  • Shirley, red crimson
  • Stefania, deep fuchsia
  • Kate, purple orchid
  • Mona, mahogany

Audacious Mascara ($26)

Brow Defining Cream ($23)

  • Sonoran, blonde
  • El Djouf, light brown
  • Tanami, auburn
  • Danakil, dark brown

Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylo ($27)

  • Matte, black matte
  • Satin, shiny black

The range is available at Sephora, department specialty stores.

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