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3 Trending Beauty Products

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Hydrocolloid patches offer a similar element of satisfaction by extracting pimple contents in a visible, tactile way.

Spate analyzed more than 20 billion search signals in the United States to predict the next trends, which show a theme of convenience and ease. 

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1. Hydrocolloid patches 

On average, there are 12.1K searches for hydrocolloid patches in the United States every month, and interest has grown 125.5% since last year.

COSRX leads the brand searches in the hydrocolloid patches category, while Hero Cosmetics leads in the pimple patch category.

While there are many brands playing in the space, consumers are more likely to search for brands alongside the term “pimple patches”  whereas retailers are owning the “hydrocolloid patches" space.

The pimple patch category is double the size in volume, but is much more competitive. Spate recommends using the term “hydrocolloid patches” in order to stand out.

Spate also suspects that the relatively quick results provided by hydrocolloid patches help drive its popularity.

2. Hair claws

On average, there are 12.8K searches for hair claws in the United States every month, and interest has grown 61.2% since last year. From a brand perspective, Goody leads this search category.

Metal hair claws are also taking off thanks to brands like Kitsch that offer low-cost quick options that look expensive, but this is the only style that is being searched for alongside the term "hair claw," making room for unique styles and prints. 

3. Neon Eyeliner

On average, there are 6.1K searches for neon eyeliner in the United States every month, and interest has grown 48.9% since last year.

While brands like L.A. Girl and NYX are among the top searches within the trend, competition is still low.

The continuation of mandatory masking for COVID-19 is keeping eye-focused trends strong, with neon eyeliner in pink, blue, green and yellow taking the lead.