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Bell Flavors & Fragrances Presents "Emerging Notes" at Chicago Botanic Garden

Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.
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At its 2011 "Emerging Notes Top Notes" event, Bell Flavors & Fragrances's R&D team delivered an innovative presentation on the fragrance breakdown of various notes that constitute categories of a fragrance genealogy.

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The natural beauty of the Chicago Botanic Garden was the perfect setting for the 2011 Fragrance Workshop, "Emerging Notes," held by Bell Flavors & Fragrances on April 26, 2011. Participants at the workshop enjoyed acres of beautiful scenery with flowers just coming into bloom and trees beginning to bud. The indoor meeting room evoked images of nature offering dozens of botanical pictures and full room-width views of the garden.

Bell hosts its Fragrance Workshop every year to bring together the sales, R&D and marketing teams from throughout North America. This year’s agenda also included inviting media, key vendors and key customers. “By bringing together our key vendors, R&D, marketing, sales and media, we are able to set up an environment that allows our company to truly think creatively and ultimately bring innovation to our customers,” stated Michael Natale, Director of Marketing, Bell.

The morning started off with Bell’s R&D team delivering an innovative presentation on the fragrance breakdown of various notes that constitute categories of a fragrance genealogy. This fragrance genealogy training session is designed to help identify what type of fragrance will work best with a product. This training is a vital step for industry experts and Bell's sales team to continuously analyze the key notes of a fragrance and how these fragrances can be described in descriptor terms. “Speaking about a fragrance is a language in itself; it is not an exact science, but our groups look to continuously train so that we are all speaking a similar language,” said Vern Murawski, Senior Perfumer.

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The afternoon started with a progressive presentation put together by Mintel’s Taya Tomasello, International Sales Director of Beauty Innovation, that focused on consumer trends out of Asia, specifically to China, Japan and South Korea. Tomasello spoke about general trends out of Asia encompassing product launch trends, traditions and customs. Tomasello also provided insight on ingredients and food trends out of Asia that might lead to fragrance inspiration.

Ewa Farjon, Bell Applications Manager, then presented the emerging trends in Europe that are influencing new products and new ingredients in the personal care arena. The event wrapped up with a presentation by Bell's Fragrance Marketing Coordinator Nikki Enriquez that focused on emerging trends and traditions in North and South America that are influencing innovation in personal care. Various products were shown to emphasize the importance of Bell’s Top Ten Emerging Trends predictions.

Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. is a leader in the flavor and fragrance industry. With manufacturing plants in five countries, as well as more than 40 sales offices around the world, Bell has the ability to create the flavor, fragrance or botanical for any application. For more information visit our Website at www.bellff.com.


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