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4 Sustainable & Ethical Beauty Innovation Opportunities

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From mushroom-derived innovation to biodegradable packaging to sustainable brand leader briefings, Beauty Accelerate Virtual will offer a 360-degree overview of where ethical, mindful beauty is going next.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans worry about the environmental impact of products they buy, per GreenPrint data. And every age bracket is willing to pay more for an environmentally sustainable product: 75% of millennials, 63% of Gen Z, 64% of Gen X and 57% of boomers. 

During Beauty Accelerate Virtual 2021, a range of experts from retail (Credo and Ulta Beauty) to brands (The Honest Company, Beauty Kitchen, Common Heir, Beekman 1802 and more) to ingredient and packaging innovators will set the sustainability agenda for the next wave of beauty innovation, from unique and efficacious natural ingredients to upcycled materials to waterless innovation and beyond. 

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1. Sustainability & Business Growth

Sustainability is no longer a trade-off. It's a critical tool for brands to both do good and achieve growth and traction with consumers across generations. Featured brand and retail experts include:

  • Mindful Growth: clean, eco-ethical innovation leaders gather to discuss the market and consumer trends driving their missions, as well as the future of transparent, principled beauty. | Don Frey, The Honest Company; Tina Hedges, LOLI Beauty; and Bee Shapiro, Ellis Brooklyn
  • Conscious Beauty Upstarts: how do principles like sustainability and inclusivity drive product innovation, marketing and retail distribution? | Brad Farrell, Beekman 1802; and Cary Lin and Angela Ubias, Common Heir
  • How Conscious Beauty Embraces Brands on Clean, Sustainable Journeys: how Credo and Ulta Beauty's unique partnership helps brands deliver clean, sustainable beauty at scale by leveraging new tools and technologies. | Laura M. Beres, Ulta Beauty; Annie Jackson, Credo Beauty

2. The Sustainable Packaging Agenda

During "Recyclable, Biodegradable Eco Smart Containers," the experts at Federal Package will outline the latest eco-smart sustainable containers, which provide the same form, fit and function as our standard containers and can be made with resins such as PCR, PIR and bio-based alternatives.

Fully recyclable, the containers discussed also break down in biologically active landfills without creating microplastics.

3. Waterless Innovation, Upcycling & Circular Concepts

A range of talks will explore new strategies to boost the sustainable credibility of brands to meet the expectations of today's and tomorrow's consumers.

  • Ethical Beauty: Waterless Bars, Upcycled Ingredients and Circular Product Strategies: formulating waterless products, including bars; sourcing and implementing upcycled ingredients; and designing products for a circular economy. | Jo Chidley founder, Beauty Kitchen
  • Upcycling Ingredients for a More Circular Economy: how upcycling can minimize waste and reduce environmental impact, while delivering new functionality for beauty. | Joél Mantelin and Sarah Phelan, Ashland  
  • Waterless Beauty: Making Products Better: how making better-performing products that are also sustainable will drive consumer purchases and move our sustainable future forward, faster. | Jim Perry, TaikiUSA

4. Next-generation Clean Ingredients

Technology experts will speak out on the latest breakthroughs transforming beauty and personal care products, including:

  • Next-Gen Hair Shine Active from Green Chemistry + In silico Modeling: Plant-based, vegan and biodegradable technology for hair shine. | Cristiane Pacheco, Chemyunion Inc. 
  • Clean Science—Clean Skin Care: sourcing, developing and harnessing the sustainable power of nature for multifunctional ingredients that don't sacrifice efficacy. | Paul Lawrence, Biocogent, LLC
  • Tales From Plants and Mushrooms: how mushrooms, pumpkins and algae can create effective formulations for sensitive, dull and aging skin.| Alissa Frontauria, RAHN USA Corp.

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