24 Finalists Announced for The Cosmopack Wall Award

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Cosmopack Bologna, which takes place March 16-19, will celebrate the 4th edition of The Cosmopack Wall Award. This year’s edition is “Let’s get emotional…urban poetry,” and showcases how emotions from packaging, product texture or fragrance can influence the purchase process.

The 24 Finalists

Formula Makeup

  • Gotha Cosmetics: Bi-Metallic Eyes & Face Color
  • Veil ICC: Silver Moon Nail Serum
  • Intercos Group: Filter Factor Future Cushion Foundation
  • Mascara Plus Cosmetics: Dream2Real Mascara
  • Regi: Light Beauty Jelly

Packaging Makeup

  • Cosmei: Starscraper
  • Intercos Group: Mani Magic Polish Pen
  • MYC Packaging Innovation: Transforming Eyeshadow- Kajal
  • Omnicos Group: 2 Hold Magic Wand


  • Chromavis: New Vision Eyes & Lips Palette/New Vision Eyes & Face Palette
  • Eurovetrocap: Digital Perfume City
  • Fasten Beauty Creators B.V.: Holographic Printed Packaging
  • Geka GMBH: Bottle-in-Bottle Marble Mascara
  • Lumson: Revolve


  • Ancorotti Cosmetics: Extruded Powder
  • Baralan International: Link
  • Marino Bellotti: Twinsted
  • Regi: Light Infiniti CP100

Formula Skin Care

  • CRB/Intercos Group: Instant Radiance Beauty Cream
  • Pink Frogs Cosmetics: Sleeping Metallic Mask
  • O-Pac: 24H Urban Kit in Wipes

Packaging Skin Care

  • Takemoto Packaging: Changing Printing & Miracle Vision Flash Printing
  • Albea: Teardrop
  • Karza: Helium

The finalists will be on display in The Wall Showcase. The awards will be held on Friday, March 17.

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