It Takes Two: Corpack Debuts Twin Pack for Product Duos


Corpack has debuted the "click-n-match" version of its duo-chamber Twin Pack. 

According to the company, the pack was designed specifically for products that often come in twos, including shampoo and conditioners, sun and after-sun products or shower gel and lotions. The new pack allows consumers to mix and match or refill the unit by clicking the two bottles together. The design aims to save space both in consumers' bathrooms and on store shelves.

The Details: 

  • Material: HDPE (alternatively PET or PP)
  • Sizes: 150 ml/150 ml, 50 ml/50 ml (175 ml/125 ml planned)
  • Different capacities and/or proportions can be developed as needed
  • Customization of labels, shrink-foils, closures and decoations, including silk screening, hot stamping or tampon printing, are available
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