New Positioning, Exhibitions, and More Beauty Packaging News for Late May 2013

TricorBraun Design and Engineering has changed its name to TricorBraun Design and Innovation. The company is a subsidiary of TricorBraun, a supplier of bottles, jars and other rigid packaging components. The redubbed design and innovation group provides creative services without charge to businesses that purchase from TricorBraun, and now housed in a new, larger facility in Chicago, the design and innovation group has also broadened its services. The expanded staff includes industrial designers, engineers and graphic designers that are qualified in every aspect of packaging design, development and production.

MGI Digital Graphic Technology held the Asia Pacific premiere of its JETvarnish 3 inkjet spot UV coater at China Print 2013, held May 14–18 in Beijing. MGI exhibited at China Print with its local partner, Wilson. Together, MGI and Wilson featured the JETvarnish 3D, displaying how it gives graphics professionals a dual set of digital tools to maximize profitability with traditional spot UV coating and new 3D raised effects, together in one production unit.

Paper and board producer Tullis Russell is forging ahead this year with two major environmental projects and an important new addition to its premium cartonboard range Trucard. In October 2013, the company will switch all its power generation to a new $320 million biomass combined heat and power plant, which will provide Tullis Russell with all its electricity and steam requirements. The new CHP plant uses almost entirely recycled wood as its fuel source. The plant’s completion will also tie in with the opening of the Tullis Russell Environmental Education Centre (T.R.E.E.), a project borne out of the company’s strategy to think beyond its core business and consider its wider responsibilities to the community and that is set to open summer 2012. Also, at this year’s Luxe Pack New York, Tullis Russell showed the latest edition to its premium SBS cartonboard range Trucard, which was developed in response to increased demand from brand holders for a superior level of whiteness in coated board. Trucard bright white comes complete with all the Trucard print performance and environmental attributes associated with the brand, but with the option of a new brighter whiter shade that produces stronger vibrant color reproduction and imagery with real impact.

Aveda was named a 2013 AmeriStar Package Award Winner in the Health & Beauty Aids category for Aveda 100% Post Consumer Recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bottles.

Qosmedix recently launched on several different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The company plans to use these outlets to increase engagement with customers and industry professionals, and it will regularly share cosmetic news, latest industry trends, beauty tips and new product announcements through them.

For the first time, Gerresheimer is exhibiting at Cosmetic Business in Munich on June 13 and 14. Its latest glass packaging concepts for the beauty and cosmetics industry will be on display at the Gerresheimer stand in Hall 3, booth E13.

New Launches

Showcasing its new synergies, solutions and abilities from its acquisition of Rexam’s beauty packaging division, Albéa highlighted by its new, integrated airless pump + tube, a high-protection and cost-efficient format, at Luxe Pack New York. The high-protection systems are made in North America as well as in the EU, for true “glocal” appeal—global capability, serving local market needs. Further, these solutions represent the enhanced capability of today’s new Albéa, which now offers complete pack solutions for industry reference dispensers, such as the Nea and SP343, for lotion formulations, as well as the SP32 for spray formulations, along with its industry-leading heritage of tube production.

Additionally for Albéa, the company’s XD11 ultra-low profile fine mist pump was selected by Elizabeth Arden to power the new Mariah Carey Dreams fragrance. In addition to underscoring the scope of Albea’s packaging solutions, the XD11’s selection by Elizabeth Arden also represents the latest example of packaging premiumization’s popularity. The four-SKU launch (15-, 30-, 50- and 100 ml) utilizes the neutral XD11 (The Crimpless System), and anodized brass finished collar. The XD11 pump allows designers freedom of expression thanks to its compact, ultra-low profile design. It incorporates a smooth pre-compression and delivers fine, precise and full atomization with great consumer appeal.

Alpine is a new pressurized packaging accessory offering from Aptar Beauty + Home, utilizing Aptar’s patented twist-to-lock technology platform. Secure and convenient, twist-to-lock accessories provide value-added portability for marketer distribution and consumer transport. Alpine’s customizable finger grips allow for additional marketer branding and communication on the sides and top of the accessory. With a softly differentiated design, Alpine provides a comfortable finger pad for use on large, continuous spray packages. This new pressurized packaging accessory is designed for Aptar VX and Bag on Valves, and use with 202 necked-in and 211 DS Container cans.

Lumson introduced its Collezione Luxea, a complete collection that combines design and technical innovation, The Collezione Luxea includes airless glass bottles with TAG technology, traditional glass bottles and plastic bottles and featuring “one body” design, dedicated accessories, and traditional and special decorations. The base of the body was design to be a perfect circle interrupted by two flat surfaces, thus being able to decorate the bottle in a single pass as with cylindrical packaging.

Crown Speciality Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc., is offering brands a way to create an uninterrupted billboard to showcase brand messaging and imagery with the use of its seated end technology. This seam design, which inverts the tin’s bottom curl so it is hidden from view when packaging is placed on a flat surface, is ideal for packaging a variety of luxury and limited-edition products, and Crown designed the unique seated end tin along with the custom tooling and machinery needed for the manufacturing process to help provide a cleaner, distinctive format that can help convey a unique brand identity and differentiate products at the point of sale. When combined with the fact that specialty tins also tend to be saved for reuse, with this new design, brand owners can have critical messaging in front of consumers for an extended time period. Crown’s seated end technology can be applied to different shaped tins in a variety of heights and sizes. Crown’s expert design team based in its Belcamp, Maryland, facility can support customers in developing packaging designs with the ideal finish and printing and color control to highlight brand messaging and further enhance the product’s impact on the store shelf.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories introduced a unique airtight compact. Available in a 12 g capacity, this component is filled using a distinctive sponge material that absorbs the product, keeping it moist for long-term use.?An airtight ring made out of elastomer material creates the tight seal around the product when the compact is closed, protecting it from drying out prematurely. Some products that can be used for this component are foundation and liquid powder formulas. For hot pour fills or pressed powders, an aluminum pan can replace the sponge and be inserted into the compact. Inside the compact are a mirror and a hinged cover that lies on top of the product-filled sponge. The hinged cover is designed to hold a sponge or powder puff applicator while keeping it separated from the product. The compact can be injection molded and sprayed a custom color or metalized, as well as silkscreened or hot stamp-printed.

New on the Shelves

Skin care and cosmetics brand Natio’s Self Tan Mousse now comes in an Apollo foamer, developed by cosmetic packaging provider Quadpack. The 150 ml PET foam pump delivers a rich, even foam, thanks to Apollo’s patented technology. The bronze color-matched bottle is silkscreen printed with the company’s logo and product information, an elegantly simple treatment that has become Natio’s trademark.

Jovoy Paris opted for the softness of the Sensea pump from Aptar Beauty + Home for its new perfume collection. By selecting the Sensea pump, the Jovoy Paris perfume house is drawing on the know-how and expertise of Aptar Beauty + Home for its eight original perfumes, each of which tells its own story. The beauty company sought a pump that would provide a fine and generous spray while being easy to activate given the weight of the bottles and were won over by the extreme gentleness and fine vaporous spray of the Sensea, which combines the gentleness and regularity of the actuation with a new generation of ultra fine spray, resembling a broad, light, enveloping mist. The Seal Tight version of the Sensea pump, with a 90?l dose, HDS actuator with overcap and glossy silver metal decoration and crystal dip tube, is now fitted to the eau de parfum bottles in the Jovoy Paris collection's 50 ml and 100 ml formats.

Aptar Beauty + Home is also providing the pump for Alterna’s Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray. The leave-in conditioner product is dispensed by a EuroMist spray pump from the company.

World Wide Packaging developed and manufactured a unique-to-client tube to house DermaSet Skin Therapy Crème. The sleek, sophisticated tube provides the scientifically formulated product with a package representative of DermaSet’s clinical yet prestigious persona. Oval in shape and circumnavigated by precise and complex graphics, World Wide Packaging’s new DermaSet Skin Therapy Crème tube is composed of LDPE/EVOH/LDPE.  Metalized in shiny silver, a PP material cap features a foam liner that enhances the tightly sealed closure. The tube is 35 mm in diameter, 139 mm long and holds two ounces of product when filled.

For its new Substiane [+] Serum, a high-tech skin care serum, La Roche-Posay opted for a container that equaled the technology of the formula within, using Lumson’s TAG System. The La Roche-Posay serum uses a 30 ml glass bottle with white spray coloring on the inside of  the glass bottle (Glass Enhancer finish), a UV metallized matt silver pump with a white actuator, and a clear overcap. The packaging represents the colur and the positioning of La Roche-Posay brand.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories developed a turn-key clutch for brand Mini Kittour, a line of travel accessories created for the woman on-the-go. The clutch is made out of clear PVC material and includes a ribbon handle to easily carry and access while traveling. A custom-made zipper pull in the shape of an airplane was created to stay consistent with Mini Kittour’s other line of travel bags. SeaCliff Beauty also created the nine customized components inside of the clutch, which includes bottles, a jar, pill case, and makeup brushes, as well as all secondary packaging.  The kitting and fulfillment of the bag is also done in-house.

M&H Plastics worked with Tesco and its private label manufacturers to develop packaging for Tesco’s new Pro Formula brand. The range was created to convey tangible consumer benefits in a clear and simple way under an overall scientific positioning, and brings together a collection of male and female beauty and personal care products including hair care, skinc are and male grooming products. M&H recently developed its new Fusion snap-on flip top cap with the option of colored cap inserts for range differentiation, and Tesco commissioned M&H to create an exclusive, custom-molded bottle shape to fit under this cap. The HDPE bottles were produced in 400 ml, 250 ml and 200 ml sizes with the 40 0ml bottle also being used as a tottle. The colors are tailored to each product sector with base neutrals and bright accents to highlight the key information, and pearlized finishes and varnishes were also utilized within the range to add to a quality look and feel.

M&H Plastics also worked with Marionnaud, part of the AS Watson Group, on its new range of skin care products, Marionnaud Nature. The company selected M&H to manufacture its 250 ml HDPE Tubular bottles plus the 35 mm and 50 mm diameter tubes. The clean white packaging includes a range of colourful images taken from nature, while the majority of the range features silver caps and silver foil blocked highlights conveying the blend of nature with science.

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