Spectra's Snapping On New Flip-tops This Summer


Packaging: Oval Snap-on Flip-top Closure (Ref: 3030)

Company: Spectra Packaging 

Description: Customers will be able to request samples of Spectra's new Oval Flip-Top (Ref: 3030) closure in early June 2016. It will be available in a stylish high gloss finish and is part of the company's expanding closure range that now includes Tall Radiused Caps, Shallow and Double Wall Caps, Cylindrical Flip-top Closures, Flared Disc Tops and Non-aerosol Overcaps. 

This latest snap-on closure, which currently fits the company's new 250 ml Elba Oval (Ref; 6100), has been designed to fit a number of up and coming packs that Spectra has in development. Spectra's new closure features a distinctive dish profile, suitable for pad-applied products. The cap also features a ergonomic curved thumb opening. 

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