You Can Touch This: Zanpack Unveils Silky Packaging


Packaging: Zanpack silk, Zanpack silk2 and Zanpack touch

Company: Zanders

Description: Zanders has launched Zanpack, a new range of boards with a special surface and extremely pure whiteness used to bring out the full intensity and brilliance of printing inks. The range includes three grades: Zanpack silk, Zanpack silk2 and Zanpack touch, which are aimed to be eye-catching on the shelf and feel great to touch. Zanpack silk is double-coated on one side, with a smooth surface and matte silk touch. It also has a special lick coating on the reverse, which gives superior print results compared to standard uncoated reverse sides.

Zanpack silk comes in grammages from 180-380 g/m2. Zanpack silk2 is two-side double-coated grade, producing identical print results on both top and reverse sides. With a luxurious matte silk feel, it sets the tone for premium items. It is available in grammages from 240-330 g/m2. In contrast, Zanpack touch has an uncoated surface giving a grainier, more natural touch. It is especially suitable for brands that emphasize organic and natural properties or an individual and hand-crafted feel. It comes in weights of 240-340 g/m2. The Zanpack range is uses only FSC certified and sustainable pulp.

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