Environmental Impact-Conscious Brands @ Cosmopack

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The 2015 Cosmopack event featured an "Eco/Beauty Edition" of its innovative product display, focusing on brand offerings that paid "particular attention" to their impact on the environment.

Select products were displayed at the event's ''Eco-Beauty Wall" and were judged by various criteria.

Winners included:

  • Eco-Beauty Formula Skincare Award: Gala Cosmetics for BB Green, a green-formulated BB cream; according to event organizers, "The project was awarded because it has been able to cross innovation, nutrition and sustainability in the natural, economic and social dimensions."
  • Eco-Beauty Skincare Packaging Award: Eco-Pump delivery system: Fasten; non-aerosol, non-water super fine mister; "Furthermore," the event notes, "they presented a double wall PMMA jar into a glass jar with a PP inner cup. An innovative product which makes packaging a luxury eco-sustainable product with less plastics."
  • Renewable material research: Verve, which has introduced a line of biodegradable Bio Plastics.
  • Eco-Beauty Formula Make Up Award: Geka for "focusing on eco-sustainability at all stages of production." The company presented a natural mascara with natural packaging and formula.
  • Eco-Beauty Packaging Make Up Award: MYC Packaging Innovation, "which presented a make-up set in PETG with double mirror. Once the product finishes, you can re-use the double mirror."
  • Eco-Beauty Technology Award: GPE Ardenghi A. for its use of LED technology in screen printing, which reduces energy consumption, radiation (UV-A and UV-C), and mercury and ozone emissions.
  •  Eco-Beauty Inspiration Award: Pink Frogs for analyzing cosmetic products through the life cycle assessment (LCA) and submitting “labels for responsible usage."
  • Eco-Beauty Design Award: MKTG Industry for its make-up sets of recycled cardboard,
  • Special paper Eco Beauty Award: Pusterla 1880 for its reusable cardboard boxes with special properties that could transform the packaging of cosmetic products in jars.


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