CaseMed Launches Biodegradable Delivery Systems

Case Med Versa Pad

CaseMed Engineering has introduced VersaPad and SnapPad, two biodegradable, controlled delivery systems for a wide variety of gels, powders, liquids and more.

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VersaPad is a latex-free, recyclable, single-use flat pad that is a liquid reservoir and applicator all in one.

Features and benefits include:

  • Finger-use design with easy pull-tab activation (hidden or exposed)

  • Choice of sizes (from one-finger to four-finger applicators)

  • Selection of double- or single-sided pads available in a range of colors and surface designs (soft to exfoliating)

  • Drip-free application with proper dispensing/mixing

  • Touchless solution that reduces the risk of contamination/infection

  • Instant pull-tab activated warming technology also available

SnapPad hygienically dispenses and applies a variety of solutions with a single, dual, or multi-chamber design.

Features and benefits include:

  • A liquid reservoir and applicator all in one

  • Single hand profile with pinch activation design

  • Choose from single, dual, or multi-chamber reservoirs in a range of sizes and shapes with the ability to hold multiple substrates

  • Varying surface designs provide soft or exfoliating touchless, drip-free application

  • Optional foil layer increases protection and can include product instructions or company branding

Founder and CaseMed engineer Casey Samangooie said, “Made 100% in the United States and patented across four major continents, VersaPad and SnapPad are the latest advancements on our continued mission to pioneer a solutions-based, eco-conscious approach for the cosmetic industry."

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