Mascara Pack Innovation, Personnel Changes, and More Beauty Packaging News and Launches for Early March 2014

Folded booklet and expanded content label (ECL label) producer Label Impressions increased its booklet label production capacity with the addition of a custom-built Nilpeter 13” dual web added content press with glue system, dual web and overhead tower designed to reduce setup and run times for coupon labels, folded booklet labels and expanded content labels.

People News

Emily Bourdet has joined TricorBraun as director of marketing. In this role, she will be responsible for leading the group’s marketing initiatives, including supplier engagement and consumer research, as well as the development of the group’s sales force marketing materials.

Renaud Van Den Berg was named general manager of Cosmogen. His expertise in management and organization, his knowledge of the international markets, particularly Asia, and his mastery of industrial matters and outsourcing will helps Cosmogen be a leader and innovative partner for cosmetic brands in the design of their packaging, brushes and applicators.

New on the Shelves

African-inspired skin care brand Nyakio selected Fusion Packaging’s Ice jar to package four products in its line. The eponymous brand opted for the 15 50 and 300 ml jars for the Hydrating Eye and Face Creams with Kola Nut, Giant Fig Body Scrub, and Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub. Fusion used FusionMatch decoration technology to color match and custom inject the jar closures in specific brand colors to coordinate with their desired aesthetic. The Ice jar features a PETG base with the option of either an ABS or aluminum-PP combination closure. Available in capacities ranging from 5 to 350 ml, the jar is a good palette for custom silkscreen, hot stamp, UV metallization, heat transfer label, and color spray or injection decoration.

World Wide Packaging (WWP) developed and manufactured a unique-to-client case for the Wink line of mascaras from Butter London, developed to “shout as loudly on shelves as its makeup does on faces.” To suit the mascara line’s unusually vibrant colors, WWP created an equally unorthodox clear mascara case. Composed of SAN, the case’s vial component communicates the Wink line’s message of unabashed color through its own translucence.

For the release of the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, Parisian perfume boutique Nose created a limited edition eau de cologne, Air de Panache, which uses a black bulb atomizer from Aptar Beauty + Home. The atomizer helps give the fragrance refined and subtle beauty, and it provides a subtle casing for the fragrance. The atomizer has a locking system that is simple and efficient, and also offers perfect sealing and a completely neutral odor.

Additionally, Aptar Beauty + Home provided the Fruit of the Earth On the Go lotion spray moisturizer’s eight-ounce, hand-friendly package with its Bag-On-Valve system to dispense product evenly at any angle and its Twist-To-Lock Geneva accessory. MDSolarSciences Quick Dry Body Spray with SolSci-X’s five-ounce package also uses the Bag-On-Valve system and the Moritz twist-to-lock accessory, and the Cocoa Butter Spray Lotion from Studio 35 Beauty also uses the Mortiz and Bag-on-Valve system combination.

Galderma selected Mega Airless dispenser technology for its care products Daylong Kids SPF 50 Lotion and Daylong Ultra Face SPF 25 Creme, and for its Actinica Lotion. The children’s sun care product uses Mega Airless’ 150 ml Macro Compact dispenser, the facial sunscreen in the 50 ml Mezzo, and the Actinica skin care product uses the 75 ml Mezzo.

New Launches

Quadpack released its new Flash Pen, which enables beauty brands to launch a high-performance pen for lip or eye color. Co-developed with lipstick specialist Brivaplast, this product introduces two important technical enhancements. First, the Flash Pen features a redesigned mechanism to prevent tilting. As a result, the color bullet twists up and down in a straight line, preventing damage and making application easier and more comfortable. In addition, the Flash Pen has a new, Quadpack-registered system for color identification. Flash Pen Coloris uses coin-shaped, color-coding discs—which can be decorated with a logo—that snap into the bottom of the pack. This way, the color code can be added during final assembly, allowing brand to buy and store the product ahead of time and prepare for a tactical response to market demand. When placed upside-down in a retail display, the color reference is visible without removing the pack from the stand. Alternatively, a metal bottom is available, and all pack elements also can be decorated using a host of techniques.

Lumson debuted its Luxea TAG glass airless packaging with a new design. The bottle and its dedicated accessories have a semispherical shape that is spaced out by two flat surfaces, a unique design that allows for printing on the front and back in one pass only. It is available in 30 and 50 ml sizes, and Lumson designed and developed a special decoration only for its TAG systems. The Glass Enhancer decoration consists of a spray coloring on the inside of the glass bottle to enhance the beauty of glass by showing the clear and thick base of the bottle and to create unique visual effects. It also is available with pearled and metalized colors.

Toly announced a new dropper design for glass vial products. The elegant design comes with a standard glass tube, and the new droppers available in a range of different sizes, from 3 to 7 ml.

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