Inika Organics Certified Plastic Neutral by Waste Revolution

Inika Organics has been certified plastic neutral.
Inika Organics has been certified plastic neutral.

Inika Organics has announced its portfolio received a plastic neutral certification from Waste Revolution, an Australia-based organization. The accolade follows other certifications for the brand in natural and organic ingredients (ACO Cosmos and OFC), cruelty-free (Choose Cruelty-Free AU and PETA), Halal (AFIC Halal) and Vegan practices (Vegan Society).

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The initiative has reduced its virgin plastic use from 8.1 tons to 1.3 tons, an 84% decrease. Inika Organics is the world’s first plastic neutral makeup brand, according to the company.

Becoming plastic neutral means that for every kilogram of plastic used, one kilogram is collected and recycled. The practice encourages recycling and a circular economy. To implement it, Inika revamped its packaging operations and introduced earth-first packaging made from 90% sustainable and reused materials, including aluminum, sugar cane, PCR plastic and glass.

144 new iterations of Inika Organic products with updated packaging were released in Australia on April 1, 2022, and the brand plans to launch in 30 other countries on May 1, 2022.

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