Harrods Opens Wellness Clinic


Harrods is the latest company to embrace the wellness trend taking the beauty world by storm.

According to the company’s website, The Wellness Clinic at Harrods offers clients a range of aesthetic and holistic treatments. This includes numerous services, including CoolSculpting, laser treatments and skin resurfacing treatments, among others. A collection of skin care products will also be available.

Annalise Fard, Harrods’ Home & Beauty director, was quoted the website saying, “We are so very delighted to announce the launch of The Wellness Clinic at Harrods this coming May. We’ve been working on the project for some time now in response to the trend towards integrative beauty within the beauty and wellness industry. We have traveled the world to engage with the foremost global practitioners to carry out the services and treatments, and look forward to welcoming our customers to the luxurious new space which I’m sure they will be very excited to trial and experience.”

For full treatment information and photos of the clinic visit www.harrods.com

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