[CEO Q&A] The Good Patch Expands to Ulta Beauty

Ulta will offer five varieties of The Good Patch's wellness patches.
Ulta will offer five varieties of The Good Patch's wellness patches.

The Good Patch, a wellness brand that offers plant-powered patches, has announced its partnership with Ulta Beauty to bring its wellness patches to Ulta.com and 450 storefronts nationwide.

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In addition, Ulta will serve as The Good Patch’s brick-and-mortar retail launch partner for the brand's Relax patch, which debuted on thegoodpatch.com in March 2021.

The Relax patch is formulated with ashwagandha, rhodiola, passionflower, ginger root, L-theanine, GABA and magnesium. 

Other Good Patch products available at Ulta include:

  • B12 Awake

  • Dream

  • Rescue

  • Relax, infused with ashwagandha and rhodiola

Cedar Carter, CEO of The Good Patch, said, "The Good Patch’s mission is to be an effective and convenient addition to everyday wellness routines. We’re excited to have Ulta Beauty as our partner to help us further the accessibility of our top-selling products and newest Relax patch, especially in times when the need for personal care is at an all-time high."

In an exclusive Q&A with Global Cosmetic Industry, Carter added more detail.

Global Cosmetic Industry: How does The Good Patch view the blurred lines of wellness and beauty in terms of the types of products they develop and the retail channels they select for distribution? 

Carter: We’ve always viewed beauty and wellness as one combined goal for our consumer. When people feel good, whether from the clothing they’re wearing, what they put in or on their bodies, or what they’re doing for their mental or physical well-being, they will ultimately feel more beautiful. Our product is fun, effective, and very unique, which lends itself well to the beauty customer who loves to share their finds on social media and with friends.   

Global Cosmetic Industry: How has the pandemic shaped the types of product claims (calming, etc.) shoppers are looking for? And are there any other needs Good Patch might be targeting for future launches? 

Carter: Overall I think personal care is becoming more important, and the pandemic only accelerated that. Shoppers are looking to feel pampered at home, and looking for products that solve their everyday issues. We’re doing some fun R&D around relaxation and beauty–for Zoom fatigue and all the things that go along with it! I can’t say much more at this point, but we have some more unique ideas up our sleeve. 

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