Why Amazon is the 2nd Most Popular App Among Teens and Millennials


According to a recent cnbc.com article, written by Michelle Castillo, Amazon is the second-most popular app with teens and millennials. Not surprisingly, Snapchat nabbed the top spot.

The article explains that 2,345 millennial and Gen Z shoppers were questioned for a survey, “The 2017 Love List Brand Affinity Index,” run by Condè Nast and Goldman Sachs, regarding fashion, retail, and consumer preferences.

When asked what apps they were currently using that they were not using a few months ago, Snapchat and Amazon were the top two answers. Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Pam Drucker, Condè Nast’s chief marketing officer, was quoted in the article saying, “Users are looking for efficiency, speed and convenience, and Amazon hits all those buckets."

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