Micro Powders, Inc. Awarded in CSR Evaluation


Micro Powders, Inc. has announced its silver recognition level rating, which places it among the top 30% of performers evaluated by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis is a collaborative platform, which provides sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains. The evaluation Micro Powders, Inc. underwent was the suppliers’ corporate social responsibility (CSR), which was conducted initially in collaboration with a global paints and coatings company, but has expanded to multinational companies in the personal care and industrial coatings market.

The method and criteria behind EcoVadis’ evaluation are congruent with international CSR standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact and ISO 26000.

The CSR scorecards not only provide an analysis comparing suppliers in company size, industry sector and localization, but also help monitor environmental, ethical and social practices.

“EcoVadis has assessed more than 30,000 companies around the globe,” said Richard Czarnecki, technical director, Micro Powders, Inc. “We are proud to be ranked among the top CSR performers from this vast pool.”

“We are committed to continuously improving our business processes and performance, and appreciate that the CSR scorecard not only indicates our quality, high impact CSR practices, but also helps us identify, prioritize and implement improvements,” added Gary Strauss, president, Micro Powders Inc.

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