TricorBraun Takes Home the Gold(s) at NACD Awards


TricorBraun won Best of Show at the 2018 National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) Awards.

This marked the 11th time the company received the honor. Overall, TricorBraun took home 12 awards (including Best of Show), a company record, and won more awards and gold medals than any other distributor.

“This is a tremendous recognition of our team’s dedication, creativity and innovation,” said Court Carruthers, president and CEO. “To be honored for both stock and custom designs is especially meaningful, as it reflects a core principle to provide our customers with exceptional products and services, based on their needs. Eleven years of Best of Show awards, plus our company record of NACD medals, signifies our unrelenting pursuit of excellence on behalf of our customers and our commitment to be the undisputed packing leader.”

Awards included:

Bernard M. Seid Best of Show Award—Eliminator Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate

Beverage Category, Gold Medal—Kentucky Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Drug and Pharmaceutical Category, Gold Medal—Rogue Nicotine on Demand Tablets Lozenges & Chewing Gum

Food Category, Gold Medal—Butcher’s Bone Broth

Novelty Category, Gold Medal—Bcups made for IPA beer

Nutritional Category, Gold Medal; Best Use of Stock Packaging Award, Bronze Medal—4 Gauge “Load Up Your Guns” pre-workout supplement

Nutritional Category, Silver Medal—Hourglass

Personal Care, Gold Medal—Curio Brands (formerly Thymes)

General Industrial Category, Silver Medal—Decon Cycle Decon Sproc 200 Plus

General Industrial Category, Bronze Medal—10L Carboy

Cosmetic Category, Bronze Medal—Sei Bella Essentials training kit

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