Stable Micro Systems' New Device Accurately Measures Nail Polish Drying Time


As nail polish continues to gain momentum with beauty-obsessed consumers–the nail care segment is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 7% to 2021–“fast drying” is a highly sought after characteristic when it comes to nail product choice. At the upcoming in-cosmetics Global in London, Stable Micro Systems plans to launch its new Nail Polish Adhesion Rig, a device that allows nail polish formulators to measure drying time accurately.

How it Works

According to Stable Micro Systems, nail polish is poured into a 20 cm channels to a depth of 0.5 mm and is subjected to 10 successive adhesive tests. The adhesiveness of each sample shows how quickly and thoroughly the polish dries.

In addition to its Nail Polish Adhesion Rig, the company will also present a variety of probes, attachments and test methods for cosmetic and personal care applications such as the Powder Flow Analyzer, which gauges powder properties. Stable Micro Systems will also showcase the TA.XTPlus, which can evaluate the hardness of eye pencils, break strength and hardness of lipsticks and hardness and consistency of eyeshadow powders.

For those attending in-cosmetics Global in London on April 4-6, these instruments can been viewed at stand EE51.

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