in-cosmetics Asia: Givaudan Wins Gold for Revivyl


Givaudan Active Beauty's Revivyl has won a Gold award for the Best Innovation Ingredient at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok. 

Revivyl, a skin renewal accelerator, is the latest active ingredient by Givaudan. It was also awarded golf for the Best Innovation Ingredient at in-cosmetics Latin America. 

Laurent Bourdeau, head of Active Beauty, said, “This award is a clear demonstration to the beauty market that our applied and advanced research on skin microbiome is avant-gardist. It also confirms our strong willingness to constantly bring innovation and inspiration to our customers and help them develop new exciting products.”

Fabrice Lefèvre, innovation and marketing director, said, “We are extremely honored to receive this award for an active answering two fast-growing trends in our industry: skin microbiome and aging populations. This industry award celebrates our capabilities to craft new active ingredients from nature and to leverage them through exclusive in-house technologies.”

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