Cosmopack: Marchesini to Showcase Machines & Packaging Products

Marchesini Group Beauty will be showcasing several of its innovations at Cosmopack 2020 in Bologna March 12 through March 15.
Marchesini Group Beauty will be showcasing several of its innovations at Cosmopack 2020 in Bologna March 12 through March 15.

Kicking off the trade fair season, Marchesini Group Beauty will be manning a 270 square meter stand at Cosmopack 2020 where it will be showcasing stand-alone machines and cosmetic packaging products branded parent company Marchesini Group, Dumek, Axomatic and V2 Engineering. The event will take place in Bologna from March 12 to March 15, 2020.

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Marchesini Group

  • Diamante: a monobloc machine for filling and capping products, equipped for the occasion with two infeed units, wiper and sfera.
  • SL200/F2T: an automatic libeller for cream jars, which will have two vision cameras from the Matchesini’s partner SEA Vision to control label application.


Three stand-alone machines for the high-quality processing of liquid, cream and paste cosmetics.

  • TURBO-MEK 2000: a turbo-emulsifier.
  • Melter 100: a turbo-emulsifier unit.
  • Filly 1100: semi-automatic filling unit.


In 2019, Marchesini acquired the Axomatic brand and V2 Engineering.

  • Two Axomix vacuum-mixers model: for small and industrial batches of emulsions, creams, milks, gels, conditioners, toothpastes and other products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
      • The Axomix units will work alongside two tube-fillers of the Axo series.
  • Two Axo series tube-fillers: one of which, the Axo 800, will work with the horizontal cartoner Vcentoventisei and the automatic wrapper V122 by V2 Engineering.
      • Together, these machines package biodegradable tubes made of recycled wood and plastic, thus responding to the increasingly pressing sustainability requirements of the packaging world.
  • Axoblock 160 (new): an evolution of Axomatic’s fillers and cappers, Axoblock 160 is designed to handle stable and unstable vials containing dense, semi-dense and liquid products.
      • Features include a powerful energy saving drive and filling and capping systems driven by servo motors, adjustable directly from the control panel. It’s set up to work in line with all sorts of devices.
      • Axoblock 160 guarantees quick size-changeover operations, perfect for manufacturers and sub-contractors that work with many customers and a multitude of different formats. The maximum mechanical speed is 2,400 cycles per hour.

Marchesini’s team will illustrate all the solutions on show, explaining the strengths of the new cosmetic business unit. The new unit will contribute to making Marchesini more competitive in the constantly expanding market, which is destined to become more and more important for the group’s strategic plans.

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