Alpine Treatment

PENTAPHARM introduced ALPAFLOR ALP- SEBUM, its Ecocert certified Alpine treatment that specially reduces sebum production and oily appearance of skin as well as the size of pores. This product range is specialized in the cultivation and extraction of Swiss alpine plants to produce high quality extracts. The plants' daily exposure to strong temperature fluctuations and high UV radiation has forced these species to develop efficient protective factors. The plants used by Alpaflor are cultivated in the Swiss Alps, controlled by bio.inspecta and certified by Bio Swiss.

Combining its long experience in natural product extraction coupled with the ALPAFLOR philosophy, the ingredient is produced from the rare Alpine plant Epilobium fleischeri, known for its inhibiting properties of 5α- reductase. The following cosmetic applications for this ingredient are recommended: products designed to treat oily and oily appearing, shiny skin; oil-free products and product lines; T-zone oiliness and combo skin products; skin care products for young skin; whitening treatments targeting pore size reduction; soothing cosmetic products for oily and combo skin; and natural and/or organic cosmetic formulations.
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