AQL Decorating Acquired

Marc M. Gaelen, president and CEO of O.BERK Company, announced the acquisition of AQL Decorating Company, Inc. The New Jersey-based company is a decorator of plastic, glass and metal containers, specializing in screen printing, pressure sensitive label application, hot stamping and pad printing.

 “O.BERK was actually the first customer of AQL Decorating nearly 42 years ago," said Gaelen. "Both companies have grown. AQL Decorating has inherent strengths besides its long history of customer satisfaction. This is a natural and synergistic extension of our business in providing superior service as a one-stop packaging resource to both of our customer bases. In the long run, the strengths of both companies will add value to all customers and will continue O.BERK’s nearly 100-year track record of quality, service and vision.” 

AQL Decorating will continue to operate as an independent company with its current management team and employees servicing its existing customer base. In addition, Jim Sheehan, corporate vice president of O.BERK Company, will also serve as vice president and general manager of AQL.

In outlining the strategic thinking behind the acquisition, Gaelen noted,“AQL can perform a variety of decorating functions under one roof, including screen printing, press sensitive labeling, hot stamping, pad printing and therimage/heat transfer. Second, AQL has purchased and modified several machines that decorate more efficiently and uniquely than elsewhere in the country. This includes Omso’s Axial that delivers 360-degree printing on any symmetrical or asymmetrical shape, up to eight colors—front, back and sides in one continuous motion. There are also a number of proprietary machines that perform screen printing and labeling simultaneously

“Third, AQL also provides logistical support services including inventory management, distribution and bar code labeling. Finally, its location is perfect for quick decorating turnaround for the cosmetic and personal care market located in the New York metropolitan area.”

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