Crodarom Invests Nearly €5 Million in Chanac Production Site


Crodarom has launched an investment program to expand its Chanac production site, located in Lozère, Occitanie, France.

The €4.65 million project is slated to last two years, and will expand the site’s storage warehouse and laboratories; a new administrative building will also be constructed. Phase two, budgeted at €2 million, is scheduled for 2021 and will expand and redesign the production area.

The company’s current facilities cover 4,000 square meters, housing 70 employees; the expansion will increase square meterage by 2,200 and add 30 employees.

To show their support, the Occitanie Region, the Lozère Departmental Council, the Aubrac-Lot-Causse and Chanac Area municipalities have announced an investment in the project via a €580,000 subsidy. “Our local and regional institutions are fully aware of Crodarom’s innovative potential,” said Thierry Morin, site director. “We are very grateful for this subsidy as it will significantly contribute to our activities, to employment and to the Lozère economic development.”

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