L'Oréal Looks to Improve Supply Chain Capabilities in Europe

L'Oréal is expanding its relationship with E2open, a provider of cloud-based solutions for collaborative execution across global trading networks, to improve operational efficiencies and service levels in Europe. Utilizing the E2open Business Network, L'Oréal will have a consolidated view of its global supply chain throughout Europe, enabling real-time collaboration with its European partners.

“At L'Oréal, we are committed to developing a first-class global supply chain program that will translate into improved service levels for our customers,” said Emmanuel Plazol, director, supply chain, L'Oréal. “E2open has been an important partner in our efforts to develop our innovative and responsive global supply chain program. Extending shared visibility and collaboration to our upstream partners and making the best tools available to the planners in our supply chain are significant milestones on our journey.”

E2open’s cloud-based solution provides L'Oréal and its trading partners with a consolidated, shared view of global operations, plus the ability to collaboratively make decisions and resolve disruptions. The program’s expansion into Europe will enable L'Oréal to integrate and automate its supply chain planning and execution strategies across the region, and will also focus on improving responsiveness and service levels with supply-side segmentation and cost control.

“Now, more than ever, brand owners and their trading partners need the ability to see, share and act on all the right information in order to maximize profitability,” said Mark Woodward, president and CEO, E2open. “At E2open, we call this capability collaborative execution—and we are excited to support L'Oréal as it continues to develop this core competency as part of its global strategy.”

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