goop Introduces 5 Bath Soaks


Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, goop, has launched five bath soaks.

According to goop's website, the bath soaks "incorporate elements of Chinese medicine, herbalism and aromatherapy." The soaks were reportedly developed with a unique blend of salts, botanicals and essential oils. 

goop Bath Soaks 

The Martini


  • An emotional detox bath soak with Himalayan pink salt and chia seed oil
  • Retails for $35


  • A bedtime bath soak with valerian root and Australian sandalwood
  • Retails for $35


  • A detox 5 salt bath soak with glacial marine clay and activated charcoal
  • Retails for $35

Phys. Ed.

  • A recovery bath soak with apple cider vinegar, arnica and turmeric
  • Retails for $35


  • An under the weather bath soak with mustard powder, manuka and eucalyptus
  • Retails for $35


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