Recess Wants to Change the Way You Freshen up


Recess, a newly launched line of personal care products in the form of biodegradable wipes, is the brainchild of Jackie Stauffer, whose career as a marketing professional involved time at Equinox, Estée Lauder and Food52.

Stauffer explained that the idea for easy-to-use personal care wipes was found "at the intersection of personal care, fitness and travel." 

The cleansing wipes were created to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells, sweat and pollution. Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, eucalyptus, caffeine, green apple extract and aloe. Consumers can purchase 15 wipes for $26. 

The deodorant wipes are meant to remove sweat, odor and debris. Key ingredients include tea tree oil, acai extract, chamomile, citric acid and citronellyl methylcrotonate. Consumers can purchase 15 wipes for $26.

The charcoal hair blotters absorb grease, sweat and grime without powder, aerosols or spray. Key ingredients include charcoal and hemp. Consumers can purchase 25 wipes for $10. 

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