Findation: Solving the Online Foundation Shopping Problem


Australian-based company, Findation, has sought to help retailers connect online consumers with their ideal foundation shades since 2012.

According to the company, 96% of surveyed users found the shade recommendations useful when shopping for foundations online and 94% said that Findation would make them more likely to try a new foundation.

How it Works

The idea came from the less-than-helpful foundation swatches displayed on beauty retailer websites. Unless a consumer knows for a fact that a particular shade is a perfect match, online color swatches that are displayed sometimes aren’t enough to make a purchase decision on. That’s where Findation wants to step in.

The company’s website states, the global foundation matching engine uses data from over 4,139,000 foundation users from around the world and uses an algorithm to match shades between brands. Consumers are encouraged to enter two foundation shades, from any brand, that they use or have used in the past. Findation then displays the closest and more comparable shade in any other product.

Find My Shade Button

While Findation is meant to help consumers discover their flawless foundation match, it is ultimately geared to benefit the online beauty retailers that feature foundation on their websites. Findation encourages brands to embed the “Find my shade” button code onto websites and only charges if the button is used.

According to Findation…

  • Customers use the “Find my shade” button that is on display next to the foundation color swatches
  • Without leaving the site, consumers are able to find their exact match
  • Customers can then purchase their correct shade right from the website

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