54% of Millennial Beauty Consumers Prefer to go Au Naturel


“The trick to applying makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any.” Older generations have been passing down this tidbit of advice to younger generations for decades. Now it seems the millennial generation is embracing it with open arms.

A recent Mintel study states, ‘going natural’ is resonating with women as 59% say that they prefer the “natural look,” including 54 percent of millennial consumers. However, this doesn’t mean they’re going makeup-free. The report states that 46% of millennial women say they feel more confident when they spend time on their appearance.

The Naked Truth

  • While millennial consumers are slightly less likely to prefer the natural look, they are more likely (71%) to wear a natural makeup look than female consumers overall (68%).
  • 59% millennial women claim to spend 20 minutes or less on a regular beauty routine
  • 18% say their beauty routine consists of four steps or less

Over the past five years makeup products that are necessary to achieve a natural makeup look have been on the rise, including…

  • Eyebrow pencils: 46% of women aged 22-39 use one daily (up 9% since 2011)
  • Mascara: 79% use mascara, an increase from 73% five years ago
  • Lip care products: 77% use these products compared to 73% in 2011

Margi Nanninga, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel, said, “Women of all ages are embracing their natural beauty, especially among America’s millennial generation who are using color cosmetics to enhance their features in order to look like the best version of themselves. Brands have an opportunity to promote themes of self-expression and embracing natural beauty in product marketing in order to reach this active and engaged consumer market. Short beauty routines underscore that Millennials are strapped for time and emphasize efficiency, highlighting the importance of products that can be applied quickly and easily, as well as those that can multitask.”

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