[in-cosmetics Global] Color Makeup Trends, 2018 and Beyond

BASF provided a view of 2019's color themes.
BASF provided a view of 2019's color themes.

Merck presented its outlook on Spring/Summer 2018 color trends during in-cosmetics Global. The firm chose the themes of Enchanting Goddess (faded pink in the cheeks, dark taupe for the eys, overall delicately shiny or metallic complexion), Beautista 3.0 (acidic tones, clean finishes, turquoise, faded pink, light yellow), Sparkling Funambulist (fuschia pink lips, smoky black eyes, metallic purple cream eye shadow) and Captivating Mermaid (faded pink blush, strong eyebrows, shades of beige) for a modern woman who “embraces her individual femininity and simply casts herself in whatever role she wants.”

Merck presented its “Smart Effects” pigments with haptic and optical effects, including the Ronastar Allure range and Ronastar Flaming Lights. Ronastar Red Allure luminous matte features burgundy red and velvety skin feel for the eyes, lips and nails. The Ronastar Flaming Lights featured a deep red color and crystal-like luster for lips, eyes and nails, as well as effects in shampoos and shower gels.

BASF offered a glimpse of Spring/Summer 2019 color trends during in-cosmetics Global. Working with the Pantone Color Institute, BASF showcased its Haven (Spring) and Masterpiece (Summer) range of textures, concepts and color palettes, which could assist brands with the development of seasonal products.

Haven’s color range focuses on “calming, luxurious and beautifying nude and light-infused pastel tones,” with protective coverage against pollutants and allergies, as well as sheen effects (translucent gradients, prismatic aqua pearl sparkle and metallic textures), according to Diane Jansson, global business manager, cosmetics, BASF.

BASF presented Haven demo products, including foundations, eyeshadows, and lip comfort and enhancement products, including Smooth Coverage Mousseline Foundation, featuring the company’s Timica Terra line of absorption effect pigments, and Chione M SVA, a composition of synthetic mica and lauroyl lysine that enhances the tactile behavior, long-wear properties and hydrophobicity of cosmetic formulations.

Materpiece’s color range, on the other hand, focused on unique textures and personalization with effect pigments. “Purple-cast blue, teal, and aqua flow alongside golden sand tones and lush floral hues of red, pink, and mauve,” said Jansson. Masterpiece formulations included an Amethyst Glass Gel Lip Glaze with shine and reflectivity that can be applied with a finger swipe, as well as a clear Glass Gel that provides a wash of purple to the lips via BASF’s Flamenco Summit Aqua and pearlescent/luminescent Cellini Blue effect pigments.

True black: Sun Chemical Performance Pigments presented a black pearlescent effect pigment, SunSHINE Mystic Black, which can be applied to lipsticks, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows and nail lacquers. Using synthetic mica, the pigment offer sparkle, luster and high color purity.

Beyond color, many suppliers focused on multifunctional makeup concepts. For instance, Seppic presented its Renaissance lip tint/plumping oil demo, a tint-in-oil that offered glamorous pink lips, as well as nourishing and plumping benefits. The formulation comprised the plumping and rejuvenating activity of Sepilift DPHP, which also improves spreadability and comfortable wear, as well as Kalpariane AD for suppleness and firming, and Emogreen L19 for glide and comfortable texture, as well as reduction of tackiness.

Lamberti presented Beautysphaera S (INCI: PEG-15/PPG-70 Glyceryl Ether/IPDI/DMPA Crosspolymer), a urethane bead sensorial modifier that can be applied to lip sticks to ensure smooth application and prevention of sweating oils. The material can enhance slip, fluidity and overall skin feel, according to the supplier, and can boost sebum absorption, offer a soft cushioning effect and has a matte appearance.

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