Veil Cosmetics Arrives on the Makeup Scene with New Sunset Line


What it is: Sunset Light Primer, Serum, and Mixing Base by Veil Cosmetics

Claims: Used as a primer, this water-based, oil-free product helps makeup last longer, reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores and hydrates and plumps the skin. Sunset Light can also be used as a standalone serum or mixed into foundation or concealer to create a BB cream, or mixed into any liquid or cream-based makeup product for a smooth application.

Price: $45



What it is: Sunset Skin Foundation

Claims: Sunset Skin Foundation features a water-based formula in 12 different shades. The whipped and airy foundation avoids the ‘mask-like’ feeling of other foundations, providing a weightless feeling on the skin. The foundation also helps skin appear smoother and hides the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Price: $49



What it is: Complexion Fix Corrector, Concealer and Highlighter

Claims: Complexion Fix is an all-over face pen that covers and neutralizes dark circles and other imperfections. Used as a concealer, blemishes and other areas of concern are covered, without the need of full-coverage foundation. The product also uses Lightfast Technology, which brightens, soothes and increases the moisture of the skin. 

Price: $40

Where to buy: All three of these products are available at

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