U.S. Home Fragrances to Reach $6 Billion by 2012

The market for home fragrance products in the U.S. has shifted over the last several years—with mass-market air freshener diffusers growing at the expense of other product forms, such as candles, according to The U.S. Market for Home Fragrance Products, a new report from Packaged Facts. Overall, home fragrance sales reached approximately $5.1 billion in 2007, and Packaged Facts forecasts a 3% annual increase over the next five years, reaching $6 billion by 2012.

Growth in this market is directly related to home air fresheners, which accounted for 45% of sales in 2007, up from 36% in 2003. The increase is due, in part, to the successful promotion of Proctor & Gamble's Febreze line. The line's higher-priced Air Effects room sprays helped revive and drive sales of the entire room spay segment. New products, such as diffusers, have contributed significantly to sales gains in the market as well.

"On the mass-market level, this market is equal in size to that for household cleaning products," said Tatjana Meerman, publisher, Packaged Facts. "To eliminate and control odors remains a primary need among consumers, and over the last five years, they have demanded more from home fragrance products. Clearly, innovation has propelled the growth of the overall market. Consumers have fallen in love with technological gadget diffuser devices as well as the more passive reed diffusers. As a whole, the air fresheners segment has seen the most innovation unlike candles, which has seen the least and that is reflected in its sales."

The U.S. Market for Home Fragrance Products examines the trends impacting the market, including not only air fresheners and candles but specialty products such as potpourri, sachets, incense, fragrance oil burning lamps and fragrance oils. It analyzes consumers' desire for multiple product forms throughout their homes and reasons driving use of each form. For further information on this report from Packaged Facts, click here.
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