Tru Fragrance Celebrates Winter with Plum HipNote

As the season for warm coats approaches, Tru Fragrance developed a new HipNote scent that explores the cool winter season. Plum HipNote, which was created in partnership with perfumer Carlos Vinals of Symrise. The scent is an ode to the hypnotic quality of winter, a tantalizing, vampy noir currently being explored in many areas of fashion and beauty.

Plums are an exotic species of fruit cultivated in all corner of the globe. Each type varies in size and color from deep purple to rich burgundy red, and golden yellow to lively green. The most universal, of course, is the purple plum. This fruit has a delicious balance of tart and sweet, making it an interesting ingredient in the chemistry of perfume. Sweet juice from the inside of the plum creates candied scents and the tart taste of the skin dials the sweetness down. Throughout history, plums have been known as an aphrodisiac, and so this day, their color and scent are incorporated into some of fashion and beauty's most alluring looks.

Playing on the sensual idea of plums in the winter, combining warm and icy notes, perfumer Vinals was inspired by the traditional and popular Suanmeitange (sour plum) drink discovered on a Symrise perfumer trek to China. A drink that has existed in some form for more than 1,000 years, it is made from a distinctive mix of ingredients, include rock sugar, licorice root and sweet osmanthus, which gives it both a sweet and tart flavor.

HipNote Plum opens with sugary citrus notes of sugared plum accord, apple, strawberry, bergamot and pomegranate. This cool combination mingles with silky, warm notes of velvet rose, cashmere musk and whipped Madagascar vanilla, followed by the deep, spicy scent of patchouli, clove and oakmoss.

This HipNote scent is classified as a chypre fragrance, a type of fragrance characterized by top notes of fruity citrus, mid notes of rose or jasmine, and heavy base notes of oakmoss or patchouli, giving the scent a somewhat dirty, yet sensual, feel.

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