Smell the Perfume at the Grand Musée du Parfum


The Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris will open December 16, 2016, providing an interactive experience for guests to learn about the history and craft of perfumery. The building was previously owned by French fashion house, Christian LaCroix. 

The 1,400 square meter space is supported by Syndicat français de la parfumerie (SFP). International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) designed the "sceneography" which entails a full sensory immersion for guests. Attendees are provided the opportunity to discover an olfactory collection of more than 60 scents. Aside from learning the history, experiencing sensory immersion and understanding the craft behind the world's most famous perfumes, guests will leave with their own perfumed business card.

History of Fragrances

The tour will be spread out across four floors and divided into three stages. Guests will first discover the history of fragrances by focusing on different uses of scents throughout the world. The tour will also involve stories from famous historical figures.

Sensory Immersion

This part of the tour will demonstrate the power of the olfactory senses and provide new technologies that immerse the visitors in a scent filled world. More than 60 fragrances can be experienced throughout the tour.

A Perfumer's Art

The last stage of the tour explores different aspects of the fragrance process. From the initial concept of the scent to the final product, guests will learn how perfumes are created and its journey through the marketing process.

What to do After the Tour?

After the tour, the museum is set to offer additional plans and events to complement the sensory tour. There will also be temporary workshops and exhibitions as the museum continues to draw in visitors with a nasal curiosity.

Why is perfumery associated with France? How is our olfactory sense linked to memory? What are the foundational steps in creating a perfume? With these questions in mind, attendees will get an exclusive sneak peek at the magic and romance of perfumery.

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